Extreme close up of semiconductor.

ASU Center for Semiconductor Microelectronics (ACME)

ACME works towards positioning ASU as a leader in microelectronics research through strategic collaborations between faculty, and between groups of ASU faculty and industry partners.

ACME provides leadership in research and education at multiple layers of the microelectronics stack, with particular emphasis on devices, circuits, and architectures.


Microelectronics is an area of critical need and national priority for the US. Major investments are being made in this field by the federal government and industry consortia. With its strategic location, significant faculty strengths, and a history of investments in semiconductor technology, ASU is uniquely positioned to be a leader in the microelectronics resurgence. ACME brings together faculty, students, alumni, industry partners, and Government agencies for advancing research, technology commercialization and adoption, and workforce development.